Larsen Smart TV Credenza with Audio System

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Combine effortless living and ambiance with immersive, connected technology.

Sit back and unwind with the Larsen, a distinct Scandi-inspired TV unit designed to take your entertainment experience and comfort to the next level. This striking credenza is offered in four unique finishes–ash, black, oak, and walnut. With angled feet and a wide base frame, the Larsen will compliment any interior-design style, from victorian to modern. This unit is not only beautifully crafted, but its two well-sized drawers offer practical solutions for storage.

The Larsen combines effortless living and ambiance with immersive, connected technology. It features dual wireless charging ports which are located on each rear corner. The integrated front includes a built-in audio bar system which produces faultless, clean sound The Larsen incorporates premium Bluetooth speakers, on/off LED mood lighting, HDMI, optical and auxiliary ports on the underside. Also included is a wireless remote that controls all inputs–volume, power, and mood lighting.

Experience elevated entertainment and elegant design with the Larsen by Koble.


  • Dual integrated wireless charging
  • Built-in Bluetooth connected speakers
  • On/Off LED mood lighting
  • 2x drawer storage
  • HDMI cable for TV connectivity
  • Inputs: Bluetooth, HDMI, Optical, AUX
  • Wireless remote control for all inputs, power, and mood lighting


  • Oak frame with oatmeal beige fabric and silver handles
  • Max Capacity (lbs.)
  • Credenza Weight (lbs.) 123.5 lbs.
  • Credenza Depth: 15.7″
  • Credenza Width: 60”
  • Credenza Height: 23.5″



6 reviews for Larsen Smart TV Credenza with Audio System

  1. Michelle

    Such a unique and interesting piece. There is nothing like it out there that I’ve seen. It’s modern and chic and fits perfectly in my studio apartment. The sound quality on the speakers is great. Overall really cool item!

  2. Abby

    I am so glad I decided to buy this TV stand. It has the coolest tech features and at the same it’s absolutely beautiful. Very happy customers!

  3. John

    I just received the Larsen Smart TV stand and it was delivered quickly and very easy to assemble. Unlike any other TV stand, this is a beautiful piece of furniture! It makes our TV room look more stylish and the look is very contemporary with the built-in speakers (which sounds great), no extra sound bar needed.
    I would definitely recommend this product if you want to add value to your TV and room.

  4. Henry

    Sound is ok but when turning up or down it is too big of a level change. It would be nice if it was gradual. Also it would be nice if you could control with your tv or fire stick/Roku remote. Now need three remotes. If anyone knows of a way to link it please let us know. It is a nice looking piece. Easy to assemble, sturdy enough. Sale price was about right!

  5. Derek

    The TV stand arrived undamaged and the assembly was just attaching the short legs. It looks nice with my new 65 inch TV. The backlight was a nice touch. the sound is a bit wanting. music needs more bass. I couldn’t get the HDMI cable to transfer audio. the new Samsung TV didn’t see the audio connection. I have been using Bluetooth , for TV sound, but you have to pair the TV stand every time you turn on the TV. I haven’t tried the optical cable yet for sound. The wireless charging points work well.

  6. TVBuff

    This is a unique product in a sea of pretenders. The following are unexpected elements that add to the exceptional value of this piece.

    1) The Larsen Smart TV Stand arrives built!
    My experience with this kind of furniture at this price point, I was expecting the usual tortured evening of sitting cross-legged on the floor trying to make sense of the instructions and the dozen bags of hardware, anguishing when you realize you are either missing a critical part or you used the wrong screw and have to disassemble to get back on track. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I realize the Larsen Smart TV Stand arrives built…meaning literally moments after it arrives, and the packing is removed you will be using it. The only “assembly” is to screw in the threaded legs and hand tighten with no tools. Hallelujah!
    Simply place the Larsen where you want it, plug into AC power, put your TV on it, connect the included HDMI cable from the Larsen to your TV and power everything up. Select the HDMI out from the audio menu on your TV, and the speakers in the Larsen come to life. A literal no-brainer!
    2) The unit is well made and beautifully finished in the Scandinavian style, with rounded corners and angled legs with minimalist chrome hardware. I selected the light brown Oak finish, and it is a handsome piece of furniture. The drawers glide smoothly, are roomy, and well made. The central device area features adjustable glass shelving and has a cable access hole in the back wall to accommodate whatever peripheral devices you have in that space. The speaker array is concealed behind an oatmeal beige fabric that compliments the oak color.
    3) The wireless phone charging in two locations allows a couple of users to place their phones on the top corners of the Larsen to charge and access the internal audio system via Bluetooth pairing with the phone. The audio quality for music listening is full range and satisfying, with the built-in subwoofer adding a welcome kick to the low-end frequency response.
    4) The LED backlight is a lovely accent that sets the mood when having a dinner or cocktail party and provides a warmth to the Larsen in your room.
    5) The credenza comes with inputs for HDMI from your TV as well as an optical connection and a pair of RCA stereo jacks. It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
    6) It is supplied with a remote that controls the input source, the mood backlighting, the volume of the audio as well as a separate control for the strength of the bass coming from the subwoofer.

    My bottom line is this is an unexpectedly great value, very simple to setup and use and looks like a far more expensive piece of furniture.

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