Juno 48″ Electric Height-Adjustable Desk, Walnut

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Electric Height-Adjustable, Sit-Stand Desk: The Best of Both Worlds

Improve Productivity and Health: Breaking up long periods of sitting with time spent standing can improve alertness and circulation and can reduce the likelihood of muscle degeneration & osteoporosis.

Juno is our height adjustable smart desk designed for professionals with an active lifestyle. The dual motor promotes seamless height adjustable movement which allows you to interchange from sitting to standing without needing to clear your desk. Establish your perfect height preference by using the control panel with LED screen and save up to 4 positions within the built-in memory settings. Keep all your devices charged with the built-in wireless charging pad, 2x USB charging points and 1x USB-C charging point.

The digital setting on the front of the desk allows you to establish which heights are most suitable to provide you lumber support, these can then be saved using the memory settings available. In addition to this there is a lock safe button. Stopping unintentional changes to the height being made, there is also a safeguard sensor to stop any unexpected collisions.


  • Adjustable standing desk from lowest height (28.7”) to tallest height (47.4”)
  • Dimensions: 28.7″-47.4″H x 47.2″W x 23.6″D
  • Steel base and legs with weight capacity of 110 lbs
  • Includes wireless charging area for QI compatible mobile devices
  • 2 USB and 1 USB C ports built in
  • 4 Position Memory Settings
  • Anti-collision sensor and Child Lock
  • Pull-out drawer for storage
  • Melamine Desktop
  • Some assembly required


  • Sit and Stand Adjustable Desk
  • Tallest Height Maximum (Inches) 4”
  • Lowest Height Minimum (Inches) 7”
  • Max Capacity (lbs.) 110 lbs
  • Desk Weight (lbs.) 99 lbs
  • Color Walnut
  • Desk Depth 23.6″
  • Desk Width 47.2”
  • Desk Height 28.7″-47.4″
  • Glass Desktop with steel frame
  • Desk powered by one power cable included (10.42ft)
  • Wireless Charging Area 10w –Compatible with Mobile Devices with QI technology
  • 2 x USB and 1 x USB-C charging ports built in
  • Single motor with 2 stages moves at 25mm/s
  • 4 programmable height settings
  • Drawer
  • Child-Lock and anti-collision sensor
  • Some assembly required
  • Warranty 1 year

Size and weight

  • Length – 47.2 Inches
  • Width – 23.6 Inches
  • Height – 28.9 – 48.2 Inches
  • Weight – 76.94 lbs


4 reviews for Juno 48″ Electric Height-Adjustable Desk, Walnut

  1. Kevin

    I needed a proper desk for my apartment that wouldn’t take up too much space, and I also wanted it to be able adjust the height on the desk, so that it could become a standing desk. I know sitting too long is not good for you, and that you do need to stand through the day, and I was lucky enough to be able to find this standing desk. This desk was perfect for what I needed, it was easy to install and I had it up and running very quickly. It is a solid desk and looks fantastic. The controls to raise and lower the desk are very simple to use, and you can set 4 different presets on the height that you like. It also has a built in wireless charging area on the desk, 2 USB ports (I use one to charge my headphones) and a USB-C port. The desk is large enough so that I can use a second monitor, but not too big where it takes up too much space in my apartment. Another great feature not to be overlooked, is that it has a drawer, which I use to store my pens, notebooks, and other things that would normally clutter up a desk. This standing desk has been great.

  2. Arthur

    I just bought this smart desk and it is amazing! The assembly could not have been easier and all of the functionality is awesome. I love the automated height adjustments, I can charge my phone wirelessly, and have options to add many more electronics to it. The drawer underneath is an added bonus for storage. I also take a ton of notes when I work and love the dry erase function on the desk. You can write right on top of it and wipe it away when your done! Very cool, highly recommend.

  3. MemScott

    I’ve now had this desk nearly a month, and it is a tremendous purchase. I’ve purchased and used both VariDesk (high-end) and Ikea (low-end) designs for standing desks, and this desk from Juno blows both of them away. Key High-End Features: The color combination of oak on grey goes well in both a modern or a traditional office space, and I’ll need that flexibility. The built-in power options are convenient and seamless (in-front USB and on-table phone charger). Having an integrated drawer makes excellent use of the space required for the in-front controls and chargers – it really helps keep the tabletop focused on the utility of what it is used to hold. Thoughtful Engineering: The table height goes quite high and this allows for a bar height functionality and would work well for tall individuals. The power cord is quite long, which has proven to be helpful in the space I’m using the desk. The height-adjustment is smooth and a nice speed vs. other designs referenced which seem to hurry through or lag behind when resetting position. Simple Construction: The instructions were quite intuitive and easy to follow. It only took me about 15-20 minutes to assemble this by myself. A welcome relief versus the guess work that’s needed for many desk/furniture instructions that I’ve built in the recent past. Point of Note for Use: When resetting positions, once you hit either up or down, the desk will automatically move that direction by itself. To get it to stop in the position you like, simply click the button again…took me a few tries, but now it’s simple.

  4. ITis4me

    Love this desk. The best part it was super easy to put together, just flip it over after assembly and good to go. Great height adjustment panel and matched all other black electronics in my room. A game changer when it comes to wfh and even gaming. Setting presets easy also, and drawer is nice touch too.

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