Featured on The View (9/28/20)

Koble Designs was recently featured on The View! In the show’s View Your Deal segment, they focused on light and sound provided by Koble. 

The pandemic has rocked people’s lives, and changed the way that they live and work. Routines have been switched, and lifestyles have been completely adjusted to account for the safety of all. With so many people spending time at home over the past year, and for an unknown amount of time going forward, it is important to bring some character and functionality to the home! It is truly a “home life goal”! 

The light and sound systems illuminate any space in your home or office, while allowing you to connect your favorite sounds! Listen to music and enjoy the ambience at any time- you can even take the devices on the go. They are great for indoor, outdoor, and on the go usage. 

Available in many different sizes and shapes, these sleek Moonie and Koble Speaker Lanterns will add some character to any space, and pump some serious sound into the area as well! The premium bluetooth speakers will surely get you energized, or the party started!

With the sound, light, and overall functionality of this item, consumers will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of times they use it after incorporating it into their daily lives! The Koble Bluetooth items are great while we are at home, but when we get out and about again they are great and easy to take as well! These devices fit well with any lifestyle.