Featured on Good Morning America (12/10/20)

When Good Morning America features your product or service in the “Steals and Deals” segment of their show, you know you have a product that is worth the money, useful, and is worthy of being shared! Such is the case with Moonie and Koble: Speaker Lanterns.

Koble has worked tirelessly to develop items that appeal to consumers in all aspects of their lives. Speaker Lanterns can be utilized at home or in the office, and are completely portable for your convenience. Let your eyes discover the beauty, and your ears be taken in by its sound capabilities.

Not only do these speakers provide ambient LED lighting, they also provide an unmatched sound system. The bluetooth speaker that is embedded within the lantern has the capability to provide an enormous amount of sound, competent of sending sound through an expansive area.

The Speaker Lanterns come in various sizes, and are very easy on the eye. They incorporate smooth lines, and shine beautifully when the LED lighting is turned on. Blending nicely with any decor, these devices can easily be placed in any home or office setting. They are a statement piece that will leave people wanting one when they leave!

Koble designs has a wide array of Bluetooth products available that come in all shapes and sizes. They even have items available with dual uses in mind. Check out this Good Morning America segment, and browse a bit further to discover other products that Koble has to offer with their premier Bluetooth speaker devices!