As Seen on Good Morning America GMA 2/24/21

At Koble, we pride ourselves on the sound, ambience, and portability of all items that we design. Recently, we had the opportunity to be featured on GMA, or Good Morning America. With the hope of getting smart technology into the hands of more people that could utilize our products, our  Bluetooth Speaker, Socket Shelf, and Clutch Charger were featured- all of which can be used on a regular basis by any individual. They are easy to use, and are a great addition to any day with their capabilities!

The bluetooth speaker is included in many different designs offered by Koble, and each one has its own use. On GMA, they chose to dig deep into one of our fun, portable speaker options- an ice bucket! The Socket Shelf uses one outlet to give you more, along with additional charging space. It even has a shelf for storage right on top! The Clutch charger allows you to charge your device when you don’t have the ability to plug into a wall. It is compact, easy to carry, and keeps your devices functioning. 

We enjoy coming up with innovative ideas and blueprints that make the most sense for what is important in today’s world. We heavily rely on technology to get us through our days, and it is important to have the ability to charge on demand, even on the go. We are happy to know that Good Morning America realizes the importance of getting the newest technology to the fingertips of the consumer, and were delighted to have our products featured.